Chipped teeth and their treatment

November 2, 2017

Chipped teeth are dental injuries that occur when cavities wear and tear due to chewing hard objects. Tooth grinding, sports mishaps, accidents or falls and tooth decay among others are other causes of chipped teeth. Chipped teeth can lead to minor or major tooth fractures. A minor tooth fracture involves chipping of the enamel only. There is no bleeding from the gums and the tooth is not displaced. The only sign of minor chipping may be rough or sharp tooth edges that irritate the tongue and cheek. The injured tooth is not painful or sensitive to temperatures. Treatment is not urgent and the risk of pulp injury is minimal. Before a dentist is reached, a small amount of orthodontic sugarless gum or wax may be placed over the rough edges. Treatment for these minor fractures involve placing a dental filling, a porcelain or gold crown or a ‘cap’ to protect the tooth pulp and to restore normal tooth contour. As for major chipping, which are deeper fractures, the tooth is not displaced and there is no bleeding from the gums. However, these fractures may be sensitive to food or cold temperatures.

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Chipped teeth and their treatment

November 2, 2017

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